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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Holding on to myself.

Changes changes changes everywhere.

This is me, the married me. I never wanted to change but dont know in just a span of about 6 months the things around me changed so much i didnt realize when did i change soo much. Thank to few old buddies who noticed it and told me "hey i changed so much after marriage". Well right, change is the way of life but when you are already perfect and everyone already loves you the way you are then why this change. I love myslef the way i am and i dont want to change at all. No matter what? i keep trying not to change even a bit. Yeah i know i am married and change is a need but what if things getting ruined because of this change? its better to holdon to yourself and let the things adapt you. Blogging may b a way i can be myself. i hope i do it and be happy always. 

First blog after wedding.

First things first. well this is my first blog after my marital status changed from being single to married. To all the single (unmarried) friends of mine who wished me on my wedding, Thank you all. But this post is specially for the ones who are married and inspite of being married dared to congratulate me. Now you must be wondering what is so daring about about it? U all AH's married friends of mine when i said i am gettting married instead of wishing me luck or mourning or even warning me about this horror thing called marriage, u guys celebrated my wedding and on that congratulated me.

No one of you warned me about the after life of wedding. I hate u guys. These changes in life are the same for even guys and gals. Both has to start adapting to the new life, new responsibility, new changes bla bla bla. Wedding was a nightmare to me and yeah it turned out to be true infact more horror than i thought.

Maine tum logon ka kya bigada tha ki tum logon ne mujhse badla liya. Pehle hi thoda agha kar dete toh me kuch aur saal i would have enjoyed my independence. Khair ab what can be done i have to learn being married and try accepting the changes. I first thought its only with me but when i called a friend of mine and explained she said its the same with me and every1 else also. then the hell did no1 warned me b4.

P.S. so next time u hear anyone getting married with them luck its more important. congratulating is of no use.

Monday, January 23, 2012

My passion becoming a reason for my Obesity

My passion of cooking and innovating delicious flavors giving me hard time by making me gain extra pounds. And also this thing called tension and stress and boredom makes me put on weight. Its not the matter with all but i am a wonder i guess. Who ever i mention that i have become fat because i am not happy now a days they lol and say u r kidding. But its the fact when i feel upset or bored or angry the best thing i do is cook. yeah i cook, its my passion i find peace in it. I obviously innovate with my dishes and end up eating them. They turn to be so delicious that i couldn't resist and eat it all. Waise bhi my brothers intentionally fight with me and piss me off because they know i will cook something delicious and they can have it.

And its the whole reason why am putting on weight. All the time i have i spend with my neice and nephew and while they sleep (they have to sleep a lot) i feel bored and i cook. And there are somethings which i want to get over them so a worm in my head sometimes creeps inside of me and makes me sad. So i eat chocolates and also ice creams.

Yeah i am now gol gol and bubleeee.... Its time i shud realise and start working out. Well i know a couple of ways to lose weight efficeintly and tried it before. I am planning to post them but let me try them once again and if it works a shortcut for fitness is on the way. Wish me luck people.....

P.S.: Someone long ago told me if u tease someone u will become like them (hope u got what i mean). SO i never teased or criticised anyone. But now realising that i am grown up and i should get rid of these blind beleif i critised some1 of being overweight (my pure intension was to let them realise its time to lose) and so may be thats the reason why i am becoming like that. I think i was wrong and i should mind my own business :/.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I love kids

I am so much occupied by kids at home now a days. I have a niece and nephew almost of the same age(20days difference). Who ever sees them asks are they twins? It was very annoying in begining, obviously ek rota hai toh doosra uske saath shuru ho jata hai and also they were very small like around 3-4 months so tough to understand them. But now its a treasure. every moment spent with them are more than any happiness. Its kind of funny to try to understand every moment of them, oh may be he means that,she means this. They coincidentally smile, wave or lil dance moment they make and we think its his/her favorite song. Later then again kids now a days are so intilligent they smile and like the chanda hai tu song and also the dhinka chika. We played it so frequently that even if these songs werent their favorite they have to like it coz they the only thing they heard day and night. Now being in their 8-9 months age they make me wonder by their actions.

My niece took her first step today. Even she seemed to be so excited. we were so happy that we made her walk million times (not more but 2-3 steps) that we even forgot she will be tired. later she got pissed off and refused even to stand. But it was so good to watch her trying to balance herself.

My cousins being much younger to me i had been a baby sitter to them too when they were kids. I love kids so i have spent most of the time with kids be it be cousins or neighbor kids. I was afraid that i will be having a niece and nephew in few days and may be i have had much of my time with other kids so may be i may not like playing with kids anymore. But Thank God its not the thing. I can play play and play with them all day and night long. But i should accept that though girls being my favourite i love both my niece and nephew alike. Its just that i am bad at handling boys.

Am over whelmed seeing my niece take her first step today that i thought its the time i post something about them. Well i have one or the other thing new about them everyday. Oh ya i forget their favorite toy is cell phone. Give them any thing they go for phone and remote control. We even got a dummy phone but they dont seem to be liking it. They run for mobile phone (with the help of baby walker). God bless them and they will be always loved by their Bua a lot.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Friends is an American sitcom created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, which aired on NBC from September 22, 1994 to May 6, 2004. The series revolves around a group of friends in Manhattan. The series was produced by Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions, in association with Warner Bros. Television. The original executive producers were Crane, Kauffman and Kevin Bright, with numerous others being promoted in later seasons. (All this copied fron wiki ;))

In my own words Friends is a series of 6 unique friends. Everyone is best in their own way. Eachone surely will make a way into your life and never ever go away. Its king of funny that everytime i watch i keep relating to me to one or the other character. Their life is so simple and also with lots of problems. Inspite of these they r together and have fun most of the time. I would just ask you guys to watch it atleast once and once u like it u will want to watch it on and on and on and on.. i have seen the 10 seasons may b 4 times and i can watch it 100 more times. If i have nothing to do and no movie plans or nothing and if i wanna pass some quality time here i go with friends. They r the best. The cruel people how did they even get a heart to stop it. May b i am exaggerating but it worth a shot.

The bukkad and *** crazy Joey Tribbiani with his bumbest acting skills(yet so innocent),

The wanna b miss perfect Monica Geller/Bing and her passion for cooking (the never loose attitude)

The multi-talented Phoebe Buffey and her fickle mind (Everyone's mother Theresa kind of also her smelly cattttttttttttttt)

The inferior and sarcastic Chandler Bing (who still doubt abt him being a man i mean he always want to prove he is a mannnnnn--thanks to his dad though)

The ultimate blond Rachel Green. (she is the worlds best blond do need anymore explanation?)

The scientist guy Ross Geller. (sure he is? behaves like a 10 year kid and wants nothing but to marry a straight girl lead life happily/ and over a dinosaur lover)

If u r a Friends fan u will want to kill me for writing only so less about it. If while on a conversation with any new friend of mine if i happen to know even they r friends crazy OMG i feel so good, feels like i have got a world to discuss on. This is one series i wanna preserve for even my grand kids to watch. (This says it all)

Keep smiling and be blessed always.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yaadein apne liye aur souvenir are for others..

Jaise ki poorvajon ki nishaani, khaandaani nizhaani, I always have this habit from childhood to save things as a token of remembrace of such and such a incident, such and such a place or people. Like this i have a collection of thousands of souvenir. Everyone at home is kind of irritated by my this habit. Obviously they have to because my collection starts right from my first school uniform, first school shoes, best friend's first gift, first cell phone, even the sim.... the list doesnt end at all. Like this i have a secret closet where i have saved all this. No one is supposed to look into it obviously its messed up :P. In case any of my brothers brake into it then its a call for the world war at home. Ab achanak se i realised may be i was wrong. I kept these things as a remembrace of certain things and moments. Now i realised do i really need stuffs to recherish the moments. No i dont have to. But ek cheez toh hai ki everytime i come accross these stuffs i show it to my little cousins and explain them the story behind it.

Toh mein bus yeh saari cheese doosron ke liye save kar rahi hon. mere liye toh bas yaadein kaafi hai. U know if u narrate the story to people they dont beleive you unless you show them a proof. par me kisiko prove kyun karoon? I have unknowingly saved tons of unwanted things. Let me be little selfish and keep memories to myself and not for others. I dont need these things to remember someone or some moment. I am trying to let go of this things. Mushkil hai par koshish i will do and clean the stuff. Its tough and really hard to do it but i think its the time and i have to. :)

God bless me and help me with my determinations.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Like Likes

I am short of words. It always happen with me. I come up with a topic to post in the blog and when I start writing I fall short of words. it’s the same condition I am in right now. Read this somewhere today, may be in a face book page. It was something which caught my attention. I found it against the law of gravity. It said “it feels light when someone enters your heart and feels heavy when someone leaves your heart”. (yeeaks English is a funny language I tel u, leaves=plural of leaf and also leaves=past tense of leave lol).
Long ago I heard this saying a Sister(nun) in our school told me ” when u like someone you like everything of them”. From then I have noticed its just so true. For an instance I like Manoj Kumar (the actor) so I like his style of covering half of his face with his hand(many find it irritating though). This is true in everyone’s case. That’s why for our parents we are not less than an actor or scientist or so on ‘coz they love us. So next time u like something of someone for a second be neutral I mean forget that u like that person and then think do u really like it what they do or say? If u like it then its really good else may be u like it only coz u love them .